Designing IT Strategies

Designing IT Strategies

In the age of digitalization, IT strategies are becoming increasingly important. This is due to the fact that corporate IT is the key enabler of digitalization and digital transformation within companies. In many companies, however, corporate IT is not well-aligned with the overall organizational strategy, preventing it from providing the best possible value for the different organizational units. A major challenge is posed by what we term IT complexity, which reduces efficiency and generates high costs for the corporate IT department.

This white paper outlines solutions for companies facing this issue. First, we provide an overview of the relevant terms and highlight the challenges confronting enterprises today. Central to this paper, we describe a four-step approach for the design of an IT strategy. We introduce various tools with which to assess the current situation and identify relevant aspects of the environment. Subsequently, we outline an approach to strategy formulation and describe tools for strategy implementation and monitoring. Finally, foresight highlights what companies need to do to thrive in the future.


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