IMES Sanayi Sitesi A Blok 1 Yukarı Dudullu 34775, Turkey


IMES Sanayi Sitesi A Blok 1 Yukarı Dudullu 34775, Turkey


+90 3D Digital Factory has the largest 3D printing capacity in the Middle East with more than 10 large format industrial printers with different technologies and materials.



  • Most advanced 3D printing technology in Rapid Prototyping,
  • Fine details and smooth surfaces directly off machine,
  • UV curable materials,
  • 2,000+ Digital Materials,
  • Layers as thin as 14 microns, high resolution,
  • Multimaterial, multicolor parts, textures in a single build,
  • Shore A values between 27-95,
  • Transparent and translucent material options,
  • Intricate, accurate parts.





  • Concept models,
  • Master patterns,
  • Rubbery, flexible parts,
  • Anatomical models,
  • Hyper realistic prototypes.





+90 3D Digital Factory has the largest 3D printing capacity in the Middle East with more than 10 large format industrial printers with different technologies and materials. In only 2019, we produced more than 100,000 parts for more than 400 innovative companies.





  • Concept Modelling: 

Concept modeling is used to reify your ideas and concepts earlier. It is used for testing, proving and sensitive adjustments by design, engineering and architecting bureaus.


  • Rapid Prototyping: 

One of the most important advantages of professional printers is the ability to make moving parts with different materials. Full functional prototypes can be made for the different tests. Rapid prototyping increases the efficiency and helps to find imperfections in design process earlier.


  • Molding: 

Professional printers manufacture jigs, fixtures, and molds in hours even in minutes and decrease the lead time significantly.


  • Rapid Manufacturing: 

End-user parts can be manufactured with 3D printers without using molds. 3D printing decreases the cost and lead time. It can be a suitable alternative to assembly line production in the next few years. Professional 3D printers are commonly used in aviation, medical, automotive, architecture and consumer goods industries.






  • 3D Part Design:

The first step of the 3D printing process is creating a digital model. CAD (Computer Aided Design) software is used to design. Besides, 3D scanning can be made to get 3D model data for the reverse engineering application.


  • Creating STL Files:

CAD files should be transformed into STL files. Otherwise, 3D printers cannot use the CAD data. STL file defines the surface of the model for the 3D printing and makes simpler the complex CAD model. Most of the CAD software can be transformed into the STL format. OBJ and 3DP files can be accepted. However, these files are less commonly-used.


  • 3D Printing:

There are several 3D printing technologies such as FDM, Polyjet, SLS and DMLS. Manufacturing technology is determined according to the desired material and model.


  • Removing The Part:

Removing the 3D printed part from the manufacturing platform is enough for some 3D printing technologies. However, some of them may require a technical process for removing. Support materials can be removed by hand or special solution.


  • Post-Processing:

Post-processing needs change according to the 3D printing technology which is used for the manufacturing. Even though some 3D printed parts can be used directly, some 3D printed parts need post-processing applications to transform the final shape. Sandpapering, painting and polishing can be applied for different needs on parts.





  • Automotive:

Rapid prototyping parts, Front and back bumpers, Front grill and grill cover, Outer trim parts, Dashboard group parts, Clip, terminals and grommet parts, Inner door trims, Frontal and middle console parts, A, B, C, D pillar parts, Seat cover parts, Frontal headlight and backstops.


  • Defense and Aviation:

Rapid prototype parts, Hydraulic close systems with liquid indicators, Cam mechanism in the rudder system, Mechanical design that has an altimeter, gears for gyro and servo motor, Indicators at same center with 3 coniferous, Electro-optic surveillance system.


  • Durable Consumer Goods:

Rapid prototyping parts, Inner parts of a refrigerator, motor group, and accessory parts, All plastic parts of a handheld cleaner, All plastic parts of a toaster, All plastic parts of a dryer, All plastics of a vacuum cleaner, Inner parts of an oven.


  • Medical:

Rapid prototyping parts, Surgical operation devices, Laser epilation device, Air moisturizer device, Medical splints, Mobilization device.


  • Art and Architecture:

Rapid prototyping parts, Lightening products, Statue, Scaled model and mock-up.


  • Other:

Make your ideas physical and touch your ideas!, We can manufacture everything that you can imagine.


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IMES Sanayi Sitesi A Blok 1 Yukarı Dudullu 34775, Turkey
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