December 4, 2022
  The reason why an SOC service is required?   The term "security operations centre" refers to ... (more)
November 16, 2022
Introduction The manufacturing process has changed dramatically since the beginning of the Industrial Revoluti... (more)
November 13, 2022
The Internet of Things (IoT) and associated MachineTo-Machine (M2M) connectivity has been named the next Industrial Revolution, as it will bring major changes in the wa... (more)
November 12, 2022
Software as a service (SaaS), sometimes referred to as "on-demand software," is becoming an increasingly effective and popular way to implement various busine... (more)
October 31, 2022
  Introduction   Wireless charging is expected to grow from 500 million units in 2017 to 750 million units... (more)
October 15, 2022
  Introduction   Scope Machine risk assessment consists of a series of steps used to examine the hazards a... (more)
October 14, 2022
  INTRODUCTION   Seizing Control from the Adversary Years of cyberwarfare have taken their toll on busines... (more)
October 8, 2022
In today’s digital world, finding new ways to engage students is ever more difficult. When home technologies such as mobile phones, tablets, and games consoles ar... (more)
October 4, 2022
  Executive Summary   Every year, lives are lost due to incidents that could have been prevented with prop... (more)
September 4, 2022
Automation transformed 20th-century production lines. Now, a combination of artificial intelligence and robotics is taking automation to the next level: the smart facto... (more)
September 2, 2022
August 30, 2022
What You Will Learn   Enterprise data centers are faced with a cri... (more)
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