Square-Biz is a Private Intelligence Service.
We trade very sensitive information in any field like politics, economic, finance, defense, etc. And we provide specific services, we call “environ-mental profiling”.
In short, we rent “Smartness”.

Square-Biz is a kind of Private Intelligence Service, based in Europe.


We grab, trade, deal with very sensitive information in any field like politics, economics, finance, defense, etc.

In addition, we can provide some specific services, we call “environmental profiling”.

It is like the work of a “profiler” in criminal investigations, but, instead, to define mainly the mind profile of a criminal and the past, we do it about past, present, and future, and on a full environment (a situation, people, aims, actions, involvements, financial, political, military and/or economic statements, etc.) in order to analyze what is really going on, to understand what is really coming next, and so, to elaborate a full strategy to change the future in a better way, fitting the aim of the client.

We provide these specific services to some agency, Defense department, government, country, or company which is in a delicate situation.

When we have ready solutions, it is because we already have elaborated the means to apply them for the best benefits of the client, meaning we have the knowledge of some information that even some secret services cannot have, or at least, in full, and so, are unable to understand and to use them appropriately and efficiently.


We provide an “Intelligence” service, in all senses of the term.

Intelligence Service” is not as is called by us for nothing.

Intelligence” in this definition of “adaptation” means 4 ways:

  1. The ability to know where to look at,

  2. The ability to know how to get the right and useful information among numerous ones,

  3. The ability to know how to understand them,

  4. The ability to know how to use them the most efficiently to target a change of the coming next future.


What we can reveal about some of our “successes”:

In 2015, we made a statement expressing the death of Castro's brother before the end of Obama's presidency. It happened. Fidel died really, and Raul died politically.

In this statement, we also expressed the point that something global would happen in 2020.

Last spring, 2021, we expressed that a conflict, with a possibility of war, would happen between Serbia and some of its surrounding neighbors.


In short, we rent “Smartness”.


In the past, we provided some specific advice to some sensitive countries which helped them in some sensitive situations.

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