The Future of the Drone Economy

The Future of the Drone Economy


The Future of the Drone Economy


Global Market

The global drone economy will grow from $15B to $90B by 2030.


Fastest Growth

Enterprise will remain the fastest-growing segment until 2025. Logistics will become the fastest after 2025.


Largest Segment

The defense will remain the largest segment until 2024. Enterprise will become the largest after 2024.


Largest Region

Asia-Pacific will remain the largest non-defense market through 2030.




This report addresses three topics to help stakeholders navigate uncertainty in the drone economy:


Value of the drone economy

Pragmatic forecast and analysis of the market for drones by segments that show the most economic potential.


Factors influencing the drone economy

Overview of the uses of drone technology by industry, forces that define how the market evolves, and trends that provide growth opportunities.


Strategies for success in the drone economy

Guidance on how drone economy stakeholders can create or capture value.


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A Report From Levitate Capital


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