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Research to determine the properties and characteristics of organic materials for structural purposes, including, polymers and polymer matrix composites (PMCs), thermosetts, thermoplastics, elastomers, and materials used as reinforcing elements in PMCs such as fibres, particulates and laminates. Also includes work to understand the structural properties of biomimetic composite materials. Research leading to improved processes for making novel fibres or matrices, or for total composite manufacture, and new processes for shaping conventional composite materials, etc. Also includes identifying polymers for binders in LO paints and coatings. Also includes research to improve all sealants based on polymeric materials. Includes research to develop material modelling to improve design of materials based on polymers, including polymer composites, and understanding of the behaviour of such materials, particularly mechanical properties.

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Runflat Tire Systems
Runflat Tire Systems
Runflat Tire Systems, Road Number 5, Industrial Park, Nacharam, Hyderabad, Telangana, India

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