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Research to understand, analyse and evaluate techniques and systems for production manufacturing of defence equipment. Examples include, flexible assembly, robotics/automation, IT systems, just-in-time provision of components and subsystems, reduced emissions manufacture, etc. Includes work to minimise systems installation problems during the later stages of assembly. Examples include; use of robotics, modular systems, multiplexing, improved interfaces/connectors, operator support tools for installation and remedial functions, and visualisation tools.

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Ömerli Mahallesi Mısır Sokak No:8 Arnavutköy İSTANBUL , Turkey
Founded in 1985, KESTAŞ is the undisputed leader of Turkey in the production of broaching tools. 7000 m2 closed area, specialized engineers and technicians especially in broaching tools, including of all kinds of broaching machines and spare parts.

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